Interesting links

International Bulb Society On this web site information about the society, is activities, the membership and the annual Herbertia. Very interesting is the elaborate 'Gallery of Bulbs': a lot of pictures is published in alfabetic order of the genera and species names.
International Aroid Society On this extensive site all information you allways wanted to know about Amorphophallus, Biarum, Dracunculus and other members of the Araceae.
The Indigenous Bulb Association of South Africa The website of the South African society of amateur growers of the bulbous plants from this country.
Gebr. Verwer Dahlias On this site all kind of information and pictures of the new dahlia varieties raised by this company in Lisse.
Verberghe Bloembollen, Zwanenburg, The Netherlands Jan van den Bergh publishes twice a year a new catalogue of bulbs, corms and tubers. You can buy all kind of bulbous plants, from tulips, daffodils to Eucharis and Littonia. Good quality and service.
Bulb 'Argence, Fourques, France Bulb 'Argence sells bulbous plants which are adapted to the mediterranean climate. On this site not only the plants are sold, also information is given on the cultivation and on the growing and flowering period.
Silverhill Seeds, Kenilworth, South Africa Twice a year, in January and July, a new catalogue of seeds of plants from South Africa is published. On this list a.o. grasses, carnivorous plants, succulents and bulbs.
RarePlants, Paul Christian RarePlants sells various rare and specialty bulbs. There is, a.o., a catalogue of springgrowing bulbs, summergrowing bulbs and of tender bulbs. These are the bulbs that are grown indoors. A web site if you want something special.
Martin Philippo about Muscari Website with a lot of information about Muscari and related genera. Besides information also pictures of flowering plants. Very nice site.
Netherlands Flowerbulb Information Center The promotion organisation of the Dutch growers and exporters of flowerbulbs gives general information on the bying, planting and tending of bulbous plants.