Interesting links

Pacific Bulb Society On this website you information about the society, its activities. The websites contains a lot of pictures and information on allmost all bulb s from A to Z.
International Aroid Society On this extensive site all information you allways wanted to know about Amorphophallus, Biarum, Dracunculus and other members of the Araceae.
The Indigenous Bulb Association of South Africa The website of the South African society of amateur growers of the bulbous plants from this country.
Bulb 'Argence, Fourques, France Bulb 'Argence sells bulbous plants which are adapted to the mediterranean climate. On this site not only the plants are sold, also information is given on the cultivation and on the growing and flowering period.
Silverhill Seeds, Kenilworth, South Africa Silverhill Seeds offers a wide range of seeds of grasses, carnivorous plants, succulents, annulas, trees, bulbs, etc.