Growing bulbs indoors: 'It's quite a surprising and useful book'

'At last, at long long last a thoroughly good and practical book on growing bulbs'
'It is such a good book that it seems almost invidious to mention any adverse opinion'

Bulletin of The Indigenous Bulb Association of South Africa, August 2000.

'Great new bulb book'

'It is quite a surprising and useful book'
It includes a lot of bulbs that are overlooked by all other books dealing with 'hardy' bulbs'
Yes, this book does fill a gap'

The Bulb Newsletter, juli-september 1999

'This guide to the cultivation of bulbs indoors does not show any of these disadvantages, to the benefit of the readers, who is plainly and satisfactorily guided step after step to the successful growing of these fascinating plants.'
BotanyBooks on, 30 November 1999

Contents of the book
In April 1999 A.A. Balkema International Publishers published an new book on bulbous plants. This book is published in two languages: Dutch and English, and is written by Peter Knippels.

Besides the well known bulbs as tulip, narcissus and lily, a large group of lesser known bulbous plants exist: the specialty bulbs. This group consist of numerous plants in a great variety. In 'Growing bulbs indoors', a selection has been made of interesting plants which can be grown indoors. This richly illustrated book describes more than 40 genera and 200 species, ranging from plants that beginners can grown with ease to those that form a challenge foor experienced growers. In a practical way, the author explains which species can be grown and how the are tended. In addition, practical information on propagation, dideases and differences in growing summer en winter plants is supplied. This valuable information, based on the author's experience, distinguishes this work from the other various books on bulbous plants.

1. Introduction
2. An introduction to bulbs
3. The main growing areas
4. Cultivation
5. Bulbs from A to Z:

- Glossary
- Bibliography
- Classification of genera in terms of cultivation difficulty
- Classification of genera and species in terms of ornamental value
- Useful adresses

I have received information from the publisher that the book is sold out. I have no remaining copies to sell.